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Daigan-ji, deep green

It is said that Daiganji was Shingon sect, the opening base is unknown, and it was revived by Mr. Ryokai of 1201 to 1203 in the Kamakura period.

Until the 1868 separation of Shin Buddhas and Buddhism, we have repairing and constructing many shrines such as Kozaki and Usa Hachimangu Shrine, and the monks of Daiganji had permission to make a nationwide fight, and it costed the cost.
Kikyozan is the place where Senjo-kaku and Gojunoto protrude in the ocean of the Oka area of the tower, and it is said that when you see it from the sky, it comes from a place similar to the appearance of a turtle.

It was also a bathroom to purify the body to visit Itsukushima shrine Daiganji

Daiganji was called Shinjuku Itsukushima Garan from Oka on the east side to the Towa Temple on the west side, and there were many pagodas. The current main hall is an old monk and the schedule Senjokaku was scheduled to become the main hall.

Once in the past, the worshipers went through the torii, landed on a sandy beach near Daiganji, cleaned themselves with a large bath that was behind Daiganji, rested with a monaster, changed clothes, and worshiped Itsukushima Shrine. Itsukushima shrine's exit is built by Karahahu, it can be seen that it was an entrance in the past.

Inside the pond in the precincts, Itsukushima Ryujin is decorated as a use of Benzaiten. There are four Buddha statues, which are important cultural assets of the country, in the main hall, and the medicine Nagoro seated in it is said to be the work of Kobo Daishi.
There are Shaka Nyorai Seated Shaka Nyorai Seated and Anansonjyou · Kasyousonjyazou, Shaka Nyorai Seated, Monjyu Bodhisattva, Fugen Bodhisattva, transferred from the five-storied pagoda, which were transferred from Senjokaku by the divine divine separation order. In front of the main hall, there is Hinzurusonjya, and it is familiar as a Buddha.

Daiganji 's main honor Itsukushima Benzaiten is one of Japan' s three major Benzaitens with Enoshima of Sagami Province (Kamakura), Chikubu Island of Ōmi Province (Lake Biwa).

Itsukushima Benzaiten Great festival takes place on June 17 every year. Once a year it is opened at the time of this great festival and the general public can also worship. Until the Sacred Buddha and Buddhist divine order was deceased at the main shrine of Itsukushima Shrine, it seems there was no opportunity for ordinary people to watch.

A model of 1/25 of the Kintai-kyo bridge exhibited at the Paris World Exposition held in the Meiji era is hung on the main hall eaves. There are 9 pine trees in the garden in the precincts that is reported as Ito Hirofumi public hand-plant.

In addition, the Buddhist temple burned down in the Meiji era in April 2006 was rebuilt for the first time in 140 years, and the opening ceremony of the grandson six-sized (4 m) total sandalwood principal Fudo Fudosan semi-shrine statue was held.

The astronomical astronomical seventh year (1538) astronomical era in the Warring States era, with the help of Yoshitaka Ouchi, I went to Korea that was then Lee Morning at that time seeking for a long time all. The diary at this time is recorded on the back side of the Xiang Xiang Eight Scenic Screens of Taishinji Collection, valuable data describing the state of the Korean nation in those days, as a "National Treasury Sea Diary" to the National Important Cultural Property It is specified.

During the 2nd Choshu War in the late Edo period (1866), Katsu Kaisyu of the shogunate and Hirosawa Saneomi of Choshu clan got a peace talks meeting at this shrine.

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